A Fresh Look At Javascript


After studying Dart for a month, I wondered which problems Dart was attempting to resolve. I then realized that my knowledge of JavaScript was not good enough to know why Google had created Dart as a JavaScript alternative. As much as I enjoyed Dart, I decided to dive back in to JavaScript with a fresh look.

A programmer I respect, the inimitable John Kary, recommended that I read JavaScript: the Good Parts by Douglas Crockford for a different project. Although the book was published nearly 4 years ago, it seems very relevant today. It has me thinking about JavaScript in new ways.

I appreciate that the author does not mince words in regards to the downsides of JavaScript. It is not a perfect language, but which language has achieved perfection? Crockford makes a few suggestions on how to get around or side-step some of the drawbacks of JavaScript.

After reading this book, I realize that JavaScript still deserves a deeper dive. I look forward to the swim.

Categories: programming, book review

Tags: javascript