Leveled Up: PHP Certified


On Wednesday, I took an extended lunch break in order to take the Zend PHP Certification test at a local Pearson VUE Testing Center.

After a few years of using PHP and studying for a few months, I am a Zend Certified PHP Engineer!

Books that have helped me:

People who have helped me along the way:

Practices that have help me:

  • ABC: Alway be coding!
  • Added an hour appointment to my calendar every day, after the kids were in bed, to study.
  • Watched NomadPHP talks (live, recorded, or on Youtube)
  • Listen to various podcasts about programming, not all about PHP
  • Practiced
  • Kata
  • Present at KCPUG (forced me to really think about the how and why)
  • Followed my curiosity in code

These practices and personal connections will continue long after my certification studies ended. I'm looking forward to the next leg of the journey.

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Tags: php, certification